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Since 2000, PRESS2000 has been producing die-cast aluminium items. This activity has been combined to technical advice, design, machining and finishing of pieces, with the intention of being a reliable support for customers, and a careful supplier.
At present time PRESS2000 operates in Monticelli Brusati, with a 2000sq.m. productive structure with 25 highly qualified units.
Thanks to a flexible outlook, sometimes following and often preceding the market movements through courageous choices, we are now able to provide a complete, 360 degrees supply: from the project to die-casting, finishing and assembling. To allow this, new equipments have been integrated and new shearing, sandblasting, sifting and machining divisions have been set.
The technical and commercial divisions mange the decentralization and sub-supplying for shell-casting, polishing, soaking, painting, and other particular manufacturing.
Our skilled technicians supervise the design and building of new moulds on te clients' specific needs.
Thanks to the qualified cooperation of every staff member in designing, manufacturing and use of moulds, PRESS2000 is now able to meet te needs of clients from several production fields.
A constant training of the staff, combined to the investment of money for new technologies are proof of a development that aims to provide a complete and specific service.
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